Unbelievable 200km drifting in Saudi Arabia!!! DUBAI

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32 Responses

  1. Mohammad Mahand Mohammad

    I fuck you any person so bad from arab suaid

  2. Mohammad Mahand Mohammad

    انا نيكاك يا قحبه الرجال

  3. WickE r10

    In Dubai there's no poor cars like this in dubai only sport cars

  4. ابو شمر FM

    اهم شيء اني طالع ب اول شوط 😂💔❌✈️ ايااام

  5. هيبو عثمان

    عداك العيييب😂😂😂😂

  6. Captain Miller

    Australian Holden's re-branded as Chevy's given to the Saudi's

  7. Mr. Agario

    First of all that's "Hajwala" " هجولة" Not drifting. Second of all It's in Saudi Arabia not Dubai, Dumbass.


    the car culture hear is soo big we take our shit to the next level.

  9. Faro

    randi k bache banchod bharwe kia 200km teri baap ne kiya tah benchod konsa dubai saudi arabia mein agaya teri maa rehti hai benchod randi lund k ulad click bait daal k apne amma ko behjna benchod. randi ki nasal.

  10. Abdulaziz AlNuaimi

    This is not Dubai ffs, Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. And this is in Saudi Arabia

  11. Firdaus Hussin

    japan drift still the best ever than this😒😒

  12. Firdaus Hussin

    japan drift still the best ever than this😒😒

  13. hamed alneyadi

    guys this is not drifting we called it hajwalah
    its totally diffrent than drifts

  14. Randy Taylor

    I don't get it.  These drivers aren't knocking over any of those bowling pins . . .

  15. Mister Riceroni

    Still better than haggered garage probably not spelled right but whatever