Unbelievable 200km drifting in Saudi Arabia!!!

best drifting in world and very good quality cam.

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  1. Abo Khalid

    No one in Saudi Arabia does this except these "teenagers" like those in the videos. and There are penalties from the government for those who do the drifting, including prison sentences and large fines of money .. and some of those boys in the video are dead now due they did this crazy drefting, and nobody liked this in saudi arabia except those "crazy" teenagers .

  2. David Rockefeller


  3. Joaquín Weiss Ugarteche

    they literally dont give a fuck about life.

    Respect from Argentina.

  4. Nwaf 07

    الامريكي لو دخل السعوديه و مع زقرت اعرف اول ما يروح أمريكا تلقوامعه كباس اربع بزبيز و فاك الصدام الأمامي

  5. nicco herbot

    these are mean as drifts with good quality camera. subscribed and liked the vedio. good content. i love saudi arabia drift man they are cool as.

  6. CP100

    Instead of shooting and bombing people… I wouldn't mind them doing this… As an American, I ENJOY watching this.

  7. Zia Rehman

    enjoyed the video esspecially the sound of the tyres skidding all over.

  8. شًودِي الزِهراٍني٢٤.

    المشكله المقطع من السعوديه يعني الاجانب ذو لا داخلين عرض واتحدى واحد منهم فهم شيي
    الي سعودي لايك

  9. عبدالرحمن السفياني

    وصلنا العالميه هههههههههههههه كل امهم استسواق

  10. janah al

    so it's ok men use a car as a means of transport and as a toy, but women cannot use it to get to their work! الرجل مسموح له استخدام السيارة للمنفعة وللعبث ولكن المرأة ممنوعة من حتى حفظ كرامتها والتنقل في سيارتها الخاصة

  11. Ridhi Sidhi P.point Ioc

    mmmmmmuuu7uuuuuuaksggsgfwtgwyhhshuhxhhh get everything. shhsysj hddhd HD HSH an. boys HHHHS shhsysj kkzkz zhbz

  12. calebd512

    Okay so are the cars just reeeeallllyyy cheap here or do these fools make alot of money?

  13. Sharif Uddin

    এটার নাম খেলা না, মূলত তাদের দম্ভ……

  14. مجججهول

    هذولا وراعين مراهقين مجنن كلهم شباب مافيهم واحد كبير في السن تعرفون كمية العقل صغيره وعقولهم صغيره لا تدخلون الاسلام ولا تدخلون ال سعود ولا الشعب السعودي فيهم