Valentine Day Female Stunt Driver Pranks Dates

Watch This Woman Prank Unsuspecting Dates With Her Mad Rally-Driving Skills.

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27 Responses

  1. CJ Carpenter

    I like how she doesn't care what any of them are saying😂

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    This would probably be the best first date for a car enthusiast.

  3. Gus Johnson

    My log in, pic, is me and Robbie Madison, so, this vid is Lame..

  4. Jay Gatsby

    Why would I want to watch two unsuspecting pedestrians get swallowed by a sinkhole, asshole?

  5. readu100

    The black guy with the light blue shirt is probably the best guy.

  6. Chase Barrett

    so yeah, as a second generation racecar driver myself. I would have fallen in love immediately on a date like this i know i couldn't stop it. But I'd still beat her in a race, well I better lol.

  7. John Maverick (2-1Bravo)

    There are no fucking stunts, shes just burning tires, I think the definition of a stunt is doing something that if you do it wrong wrecks your shit and burning tires in the middle an empty parking lot is far away from a legit stunt. This video is fucking bullshit m8.

  8. Ashley Pennycoff

    Life goal: tell my fiancé I have to travel for "business meetings", go somewhere and take stunt driving classes, come back and do this to him.
    He already freaks out when I speed. I'm pretty sure he'd literally shit his pants.

  9. Uzeyr Hassan

    🙁 that's goes my male ego down the drain, hahaha. Man that girl has style!

  10. Stuart Coupe

    Yeh. Most guys would be loving this; nice reactions. Appreciation all the way – well, except cardigan guy. Bit like the Nurburgring van lady is cool.

  11. Goofy's Channel

    Anyone notice how they were calm and nice they were but when she got on it the inner child in them came out

  12. sweiland75

    Aww you ended it too early. I wanted to see their reactions to them discovering she's a stunt driver.