Valentino Rossi – King Of MotoGP 2016

Valentino Rossi MotoGp Moments 2016 SONG: 1) Gunnar Olsen – Never sleep 2) Gunnar Olsen – The end is near 3)Two Friends – Long Way Home(remix) 4) …

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31 Responses

  1. Steve S

    Spirited and inspirational riding! I love trick wheelies!!!

  2. Emanuele Scaligine

    what's the name of the last song please ?

  3. Fendy Frezo

    KING OF NOOBS…CAN'T WIN 1000cc bike..stupid rider!!

  4. 42 Ni-Weser

    Die Musik ist ja wohl die reinste Katastrophe!!!

  5. King Henteroliso

    he's just a garbage compare to the riders of isle man😆😅😂

  6. gumiho panther

    lets see what is marquez at 38 to compare…..

  7. tamim SHOUNY

    subhanalloh kagum saya pada VR 46 jiwa yg tangguh meski sdh umur tidak muda lagi

  8. Tim Huber

    Fun video, but I hate the title mostly based on timing alone. Marquez becomes the champion and you decide to make a video called "Rossi, MotoGP King" or whatever, just seemed ironic. Still have your video a like.

  9. FootSkills

    Hope you enjoy it. Let reach 100 likes and I will make a new video you guys want. Thanks and sub for more