Valentino Rossi Vs. Robert Kubica – 2014 Monza Rally Master Show

The famous MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi battles against ex F1 driver Robert Kubica in an epic face-off battle to winning the last and most spectacular event of …

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35 Responses

  1. Seba92000

    Robert has won with his only one fully-functional hand after the car accident. That's amazing and inspiring. 🙂
    Valentino Rossi and Robert Kubica – both are great people : )

  2. Radit iko

    pale memang di akui paling hebat di arena balap motor atau mobil gak ada tandinganya

  3. cthulhu fhtagn

    ppl mention some Ken Block here ahahahhaahhhshz

  4. Ike Aprillina

    both of them are great!!! but Rossi is the Legend

  5. piovra siciliana

    kubika molto piu forte pultroppo rossi a la vettura sflangiata 20 25 hpp in piu cosi nn e giusto,nulla da togliere ai talenti.

  6. Jraybay

    Why does it seem like its always raining and overcast during these events? lol. Two geniuses duking it out, was nice! 👍

  7. Faris Othman

    Lmao. why the hate ? VR drives and rides way way better than you

  8. Luisa Palopoli

    campioni mitici si nascie non ci si diventa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ViceVersa Musik

    These Fiesta STs and Focus STs Became the shit once they came out, They are freakin awsome! And the acceleration on them are good as hell.. .even when stock they are good!! Basically ALOT of Goodness for a little bit of nothing. You can get a used Focus ST with low Mileage for about $15k-$20k easily! Shit, Even a brand new one is only around $26k…..Thats nothing compared to what they are worth.

  10. Multi Hearted

    Its not just an ordinary Car Rally or Race to drift wildly.. But it need Skills to drift on Hairpin turns and only a perfect car driver can do that, Which Valentino proved it magnificently, Kudos Bravo for the LIVING LENGEND


    Thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed , I did not upload this video