Vermont SportsCar’s Rally Car Build Time Lapse

Timelapse of Vermont SportsCar building one of Travis Pastrana’s 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally cars at their shop in Colchester, Vermont.

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  1. AcidicRegent0

    Hey you guys should donate all those 08 STI internals to me so I can do my 09 Forester swap.

  2. BreileinM

    Gotta wonder why Subaru doesn't just send these guys a bare chassis in the first place. I mean, Subaru doesn't have the hookup on half built STis for their own rally team?

  3. clutchtime28

    seeing how it took them an hour to take the plastic seat covers off I could imagine things were done a bit slower then need be

  4. jaymur001

    one guy, knowing what he's doing, 40 hour weeks, that'd take almost half a year. that's crazy

  5. Vermont SportsCar

    yes. Good eye. The car was not yet available in the USA so we were sent a RHD car straight from Japan.

  6. Richard Paul

    After 800 hours I'm up to the part where you're supposed to paint the car after cage/seam weld mods. I'm definitely doing something wrong!!

  7. Coolzombi

    If i won the lottery could you build one for my personal use ? What would be the price roughly ? Nice video by the way !

  8. Enrique Romero Alducin

    I'm in a Rally Team in Mexico, we are interested in buy one (Maybe two) STI (We have 1 EVO IX 2.0Turbo, 2 Peugeot 206 Rally 1.6., 1 Clio Sport 2.0 and a Renault Clio1.6 right now), How much it cost prepared and shipped to Mexico?

  9. Kyle Kinsella

    so uh.. how much schooling exactly do you need to work at a place like this? hahahaha

  10. Zethulex Wizzle

    too bad subaru doesn't even make world rally spec cars anymore. haven't seen a subi in comp for a while. or mitsubishi. damn

  11. Pierre Lyons

    They strip it so much it's a wonder they just don't build a car from scratch.

  12. YouUbbas

    there prob paid more then that… lol 25 an hour is what you get paid working at like a toyota dealer doing jack shit.

  13. YouUbbas

    im not saying hes a great driver, hes extremely aggressive just like he is in every sport. but yeah, finnish drivers are good

  14. Maxime Lessard

    8 men
    800 hours
    Considering they're paid 25$/hour, that's 160k$ worth of labour lol.

    Car is probably worth 350k$ 😮

  15. voltron422

    So you pointed out that starting with an already street legal and registered car is easier and less time consuming than starting from scratch. What I want to know is why you chose and STI? Since the STI is built off the same platform as the base impreza and you took everything off the STI that made it an STI, wouldn't it make more sense to start off with the cheaper car?

  16. fallfromgrave

    obviously, you are his massive fan ignoring the truth.

    I have just put "travis pastrana rally crashes" into google and results speak for themself (there is fisrt page full with videos of him crashing cars into everything.

    Admit he is terrible rally driver. I am not saying he is terrible at doing all things – he can ride a bike but he is he awful when he is driving anything else.

  17. mahinda Ratnapala

    Have you seen MAD Muscle Ripper? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way to get ripped fast.


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