VW Golf R vs BMW M6 vs Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 vs Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

Volkswagen Golf R36 (Mk.6) Twin Turbo HGP (700 BHP), Mikhail V. vs BMW M6 (F13) PP-Performance Stage 2+ (720 BHP), Augustin M. vs Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (560 HP), Filipp T. vs Mercedes-Benz…

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  1. Daniel Blaj

    well,he is hgp tunned,will be nice to see brabus rocket 850 and golf r 😀
    btw that golf i so fast 😀

  2. simonmarkis

    are merc just bad cars or something? how does a 560hp gallardo put such better times than a 840hp mercedes? Maybe Labo had better tires, but i feel like 280hp difference would even it out. Unless it's a driver error or his wheels are made out of wood or something. And according to dragtimes.com a stock CLS63 AMG can put down a 1/4 time of 10.353 so WTF?

  3. Emanuel Victor

    Esse Golf R tá um chinelo em quase todos os carros sou fã desse carro é meu sonho de consumo deste😭😭😭😭😭😎😎😎

  4. hannes rammetwa

    That golf is great but in South Africa is the most stolen nd used by criminals

  5. Guilherme FC

    The plucking of these small day-to-day cars are a lot better than the sports cars. I venture to say that dirigibility is also. But surely lose in acceleration / power.

  6. Кранкшафт Сенсор

    Гольф красавчик, бмв просто понт унылый.

  7. Antiq_ Minecraft

    Lamborghini is from VW
    The Golf is from VW.
    We shouldn’t argue about this, golf and gallardo were friends.

  8. Benenia Benenia

    i think that this car is reinforced and it's for publicity give me the M6 and i will show him how to race

  9. Kyle Mayer

    It's a 700 BHP Golf. Of course it beats everything. WTF, why surprised?

  10. Rashid cotton

    this is not so much about what kind of car it is but more so about power and weight. dsg really helps the golf r with shifting and its lighter with way more power then needed. let me guess reinforced rods, pistons, valves and a 45mm turbo spooling at maybe 35 psi on a bored out block with bigger cams. thatll do the trick.big engines are the past even f1 knows this.


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