Watch Again: 2016 FIM MotoGP Awards

Watch again in full the prestigious 2016 FIM MotoGP Awards, where the champions of a brilliant season were honoured.

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34 Responses

  1. fadhil Deela

    winner or not iam still proud if you ROSSI love you #46

  2. Mohammad Iskandar

    rossi walaupun runner up gapapa
    you are the best
    you are favorite peoples

  3. Anil Kumar

    Isnt Motogp for the entire World, if yes then why is this is shitty other language, those rookie guys are not even understanding the language and i think the quality of the award ceremony is cheap

  4. Anil Kumar

    why the fuck this is in shitty language, this shud be in fucking full english

  5. Citra Dinatta

    (Rossi… marques..lorenzo) familiarity between three riders are more mainstream and boast

  6. xxxAngelikaxxx

    I love it how Suzy becomes all smiley girly whenever she talks to Valentino. I would be the same as well probably. 🙂
    "Ciao tutti" <3

  7. Nedzat Veliji

    First thing i want to congratulate Marquez,Vale e Jorge for the great riding season,and all the rest of the GP2,GP3 champion winners.But i must say that this event is very purly organized,and those guys has worked very hard for this day.But anyhow one more time Thanks to all riders and Perry who tried to brighten this evening,and if it wasn't for her,it will be a disaster.

  8. Manish Malla

    Hadn't it been Luis Salom's sad death, I am sure Valentino Rossi would have never spoken to 93. One hand shake from Rossi after race and 93 started saying "we have professional relationship now" in every interviews. I am sure inner circles of Rossi and Rossi's fans haven't forgotten the bastardness of 93 last year. After that Rossi shudn't have given a fuck to motherfucker 93. Having said that nothing is important as much as life. RIP to Luis Salom. And to Marco Simoncelli and Dajiro Kato too.

  9. Mario Betto

    Caro Rossi, continua a fare le tue faccette da culo, sei solo un povero miserabile e pure un uomo di m…, tanto l'anno prossimo Lorenzo, Marquez, Vinales e pure le Aprilia ti apriranno il culo, pagliaccio ritirati che è meglio!

  10. Manish Malla

    Valentino Rossi has always been the trend setter. 99 copied the leather gear style of VR46's sun and moon. Such a shame. Switches from #48 to #99 in 2009. Another shame.
    Infact, Rossi started to use the customized helmets for home races and 99 and 93 and almost all other riders started copying it. Yet still VR46's helmets have greater sales. These jacks just can't be as popular as VR46.

  11. Manish Malla

    If there is growth in 99 and 93's fan base then credit goes to Valentino Rossi who has been the major force behind increasing popularity of MotoGP for more than a decade in global stage. 99 and 93 gets booed even in Qatar. Yet, Valentino Rossi gets support even in Catalunya. That is charisma of VR46. These clowns : 99 and 93 just can''t gain that amount of popularity.

  12. Manish Malla

    93 is such a shameless motherfucker. Destroy's other's championship for own ego. And fuck, he use to claim he had Rossi's poster in his bedroom. Son of a bitch. A champion in racing but sportsmanship just zero. I noticed throughout the season that whenever 93 crashed people in back ground would be so happy. Philip Island. This shows that he can't be global superstar.

  13. Manish Malla

    Rossi developed M1 and 99 got an already developed bike in hand in 2008. Now, Andrea Dovizioso did all the hard work to develop Ducati and again 99 will get an already developed bike. It's always been easy walk for 99's motogp career. He is not shark but a jackal. Self-boasting by eating other's hard work. Bastard. Shame on you 99.

  14. J. Marc

    Me parece lamentable que en este tipo de actos, el PRESIDENTE de la COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA, diga " Este pequeño PAIS del mediterraneo…" Señor Ximo Puig, el PAIS es ESPAÑA, no la COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA…atentamente, un Valenciano.