Watch the best crashes from the 2017 MotoGP™ season!

We take a look at a record-breaking MotoGP™ season and see what happens when riders overstepped the limit throughout the season. ———————————————————…

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32 Responses

  1. Alex Smith

    The "Best" crashes? You are ridiculous. You can't tell that!

  2. Inane Observations

    There are no best crashes. Only lucky and unlicky crashes.

  3. Amaan Haider

    I like how you put Maverick's crash in the thumbnail..I was wondering why you didn't put his crash at COTA, because from there onwards his season went downhill, except for the victory in Le mans. And then I opened the video, not surprised to see "that" crash being first

  4. Ginger Dewey

    First of all no crash can be the ‘best’. Second was this edited by a 2 year old. What the fuck was that editing and what the fuck was that music. Awful. Have a ganda at some of the F1 videos posted on their channel if you want good editing. Take some notes

  5. Joao Vitor Pereira dos Santos

    Até pra cair os caras são bons! Faz parte do esporte! O importante é q ninguém se feriu gravemente na temporada! 2018 chegando, tem mais! Mais corridas, muita emoção o nós! E claro, os tombos tb aparecerão!

  6. Will Grange

    I know that crashes are bad but I thought the one where folger simply ditched his bike was funny

  7. The Maniac

    Poor music ! Go and insert MotoGP 2014 muggelo biggest crashes in that !