We Crashed Our Drift Cars

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45 Responses

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  2. FastingForBuilds

    What Red Ford is thT???? I’m not a Ford fan at all but I will buy that Red Ford Any day !!!

  3. Mord Fustang

    you could make so much power out of that short block 5.0, what are you guys doing?? trying to drift a foxbody is like trying to drift a fucking super bee

  4. Funky Jesus

    Watching the 240 and the stand whipping it reminds me of Tokyo drift 😂 American muscle and Japanese built

  5. Brandon Hall

    wow, that foxbody with an angle kit and driver improvement makes a world a difference. I'm currently reviving an MR2, so I'll be all about that snap oversteer life, pay attention to the local news Queentien for a snow white MR2 wrapping a tree.

  6. Tristan Shindell

    Grass roots at its finest, "its good" keep on keepin on moreskidokiddos

  7. Brad the inhaler

    if you guys come up here for rally, make DJ the co-driver. For clear good directions, and so he can vape the whole time.

  8. steinke24

    Whelp there goes another clean 240 and another clean fox body

  9. Reed Sikorski

    Does he have a rear bashbar? i dont think so, you really need one lmao

  10. Isaac

    Second video of yours that I've seen, this is some good stuff

  11. Craxler

    Gonna get really fun once you stuff it in a wall for real, get a cage pls

  12. DeevoxL

    Why does your buddy with the air plane hanger look like the Dad off of South Park with his beard cut

  13. Vanquish

    it shouldnt be that hard to get that mustang sideways it seemed like it was having a hard time

  14. Max Bontrager

    just need some lovin lol you guys are the dopest dudes. good skids mates

  15. Anonym 4ufoolS

    The previous owner of the mustang would fucking kill u

  16. W A V E B O I

    Big booty japanese lesbian get fisted by rough american girl

  17. vincent gregg

    “… that’s probably gonna be the video.”
    “Going for one round with Geoff…”
    Famous last words