Week 11 March 2017 Racing and Rally Crash Compilation

Congratulations to ®AshMediaAustralia for the 50 clips provided 🙂 This video is for educational purposes only. This compilation brings the best of crashes all …

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28 Responses

  1. DeeJayBuchey

    best compilation – much work you've done over each comp

  2. Gear Grinder

    You know the video is almost over when the sprint cars show up. 😛

  3. hiphopgamer215

    Why the fuck am i addicted to rally racing all of a sudden. I can't stop watching these videos. I've never been into this kinda shit, but it looks fun and scary.

  4. EntropyAgent

    I have noticed in the last couple videos that the clips are much shorter than they used to be. By this I mean that there is less lead up to the crash and sometimes you don't even wait for the car to stop moving before going on to the next clip. Is this a style decision or is it just the way the original video was?
    Personally I really prefer the older style where there was a second or so more before and after the crash.

  5. Cody Jones

    trying to find some info on the track at 13:00 if anyone knows the track or video

  6. Eric Cardona

    Is it just me or does the audio go out of sync after a while

  7. Daniel Mores

    Just wanted to say that I really like your new intro. It's short and cool with pretty realistic animation of the "!" 🙂
    (Since I was always bitching about the long intro in season two)

  8. gosportjamie

    And so Craner Curves at Donington Park claim another victim. It only needs a small mistake there to have a BIG crash. No no no no no… F*CK…

  9. Anal Amoebe

    Great save at 2:45 ! How close was that tree? Can you imagine seeing yourself head straight for that?

  10. Justin Hall

    Additional – why does anyone race outlaw type cars.. the slightest problem nd they are off barrel rolling to the nearest wall?

  11. Justin Hall

    number of Peugeots and Citroens destroyed = sufficient..they seem to start most of these videos! Great that you got Nick Masons Maclaren F1 wreck.. lots of $ to fix

  12. Francisco Fridlmeier

    I love you with all my heart!! Thanks for making this every week

  13. V8HiluxZX6R

    777… hoping for soooo much good luck he forgot bad things happen in 3s 😂

    still… it means only 1 thing! It's Thursday and RacingFail o'clock M%¥$*F#@"×s!!!!