Week 2 January 2017 Monte Carlo Special Racing and Rally Crash Compilation

This video is for educational purposes only. This compilation brings the best of crashes all over the world from the most distinct series during the week of …

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33 Responses

  1. nikolai taborda

    Be safe people stay buckle up

    nah do what you ever you want

  2. Almost Serious

    Anyone else hate the peanut cars?…

  3. RM Rallye

    Bonne vidéo mais par contre il y a que des circuit sa commence au milieu et sa fini juste qu'à la fin essaye de mettre autre chose pas que des circuits

  4. DisfigureProstitutes

    5:39 What the hell is going on here? Light show with hacked up little cars?

  5. indy mutt

    These drivers have clearly never heard of the brake

  6. Mr Cut Folks

    Man that 1 tree took so many cars out! Dam! Cut that S.O.B. Down!!

  7. Lumby1

    This is not a fail, this is a learning experience!

  8. Procrastination In Progress

    Loving the intro, and the guy at 4:43 with the hammer is exactly what I imagine Jeremy Clarkson doing.
    P.S, if someone knows the make and model of the car at 2:12 it would be much appreciated, it's on the tip of my tongue but can't figure it out.

  9. CrazyBuzzy1

    The legend says that the guy from the first clip is still trying to find the handbrake…

  10. T Orrent

    It was fun until 2:10. Then I got memories of Michael Park and couldn't enjoy it anymore.

  11. Shu Todoroki

    The new intro is awesome xD I'm looking forward to your weekly upload!!

  12. Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network

    This channel still spamming with old video reuploads?

  13. Jordan Marshall

    Lakeside raceway made it into a video!!

  14. Chandler Sowinski

    Dirt track racing is sketchy as fuck

  15. Energy Man

    this intro is infinitely better then the last one

  16. Martin Söderholm

    1:00 that's a friend of mines clip… rally from 2 weeks ago, since you've downloaded his clip, you might aswell give him credit straight away ?

  17. 083 gaming and stock cars

    incarace got advertising for the civil war

  18. 083 gaming and stock cars

    driver on fire but marshall with fire extinguisher was more bothered about rhat car f#ck