Welding the Diff and Drifting the Rat Rod Race Mower

This week we weld the differential on our rat rod racing lawn mower to give us posi traction, allowing us to (in theory) drift. Then we drag race against the drag …

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35 Responses

  1. Robert Horsfield

    If you had air tools you could blow that rear off first..

  2. gage gatehouse

    you guys should race do it with dan's harley i bet it would be a good race

  3. Dan Sertich

    its NOT posi traction…… if you need an analogy its a "spool"

  4. Cameron Barber

    you guys gotta get one of those trucker knobs for the wheel so you can do some one hamded skids haha


    yall should use spray on bed liner for the body where yalls feet go so ur feet aren't slipping off so easily

  6. Tyler Perry

    anyone else think of Will Ferrell in talladega Knights when they watch Ike in some of these videos?? no offense Ike your. love the videos

  7. MrRavenous

    i think you should put a turbo on a new motor and see how the mower goes

  8. Jonathan Helms

    Can you put a clip of the what action is about to happen. Lol like at the beginning of the video to give it a taste of what the videos about.

  9. Person Henry

    Actually, at 13:49-50 you can see the right tire jerk real quickly, I think that was the welds breaking on the diff right there, correct me if I'm wrong

  10. Bulldog453

    i think you fucked something up when you welded that diff. its easy too do. even the smallest piece of slag can destroy those transaxles

  11. Danny Edwards

    The slow mo of Ike drifting had me dying but the classical music was too much for me

  12. Jake Liddle

    Keep going with it unless y'all come up with something better then we could vote on it

  13. jacob durkin

    Hey guys I would say fix that up maybe put some negative camber on the back wheels and put maybe thinner or less grippy tires on the back so you have less grip and it's easier to get sideways and hold drifts. If you do that I say that's it for that project. Then I would love to see some sort of awd/4×4 go kart build, preferably lifted and a mud bog type thing. That'd be one of a kind! Thanks.

  14. Benjamin Hoyt

    I blew up the motor in one of those and have been slowly converting it to chain drive with a 420cc

  15. Ryan Dore

    You need to pack the rears with wheel bearing grease or grease Gun grease that's what we used to do with out lawn mowers the rears last so much longer and I suggest a old bike brake lever as your throttle on your steering wheel it works out better then a foot one

  16. RJ Lamb

    Didn't hear on David Stacey's Garage. Do not mix Tetrachloroethylene and Argon with heat or it will give a Nerve gas

  17. zain alkadban

    air up the rear tires a bunch on the mower and you should be able to slide a lot better

  18. MedusaBeatz

    keep going!!! but i like the golfcart build idea too!!!…. drop a 400ex engine in it!! lol

  19. mitchellhemi

    Keep the build in the back of the shed and maybe start something new but don't get rid of it.