Who would battle who in the final corner at Jerez?

We talk to several MotoGP™ riders to find out who they would like to battle with at the final corner at the Circuito de Jerez.

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49 Responses

  1. Robb Solviek

    I hope Andrea "Hard Dick" "Crazy Joe" "The Maniac" Iannone can have a good race too, he really wasnt doing bad with the Ducati but he crashed a lot.

  2. desain ku

    Seneng liatnya klo pada respek, akur

  3. mohd taufiq

    Uikkk Jorge lorenzo….long time no see bro,where you going lorenzo?I thought you were not there in MotoGP….hahahahah

  4. kuskus kaskus

    Banyak Sekali Pembalap Spanyol Disitu…

  5. sulfian nurhijat

    fuck lorengzo & marquez idiot . forza vale46 & mave25

  6. Syakir Ibrahim

    pandai bergurau pule mamat lorenzo ni…

  7. Dhruv Balaya

    Seeing the thumbnail, I thought Lorenzo and Rossi finally shared a joke :/

  8. Billy G

    If it rains Lorenzo might pass on the last corner haha.
    He won't be this funny next year if Ducati don't become more competitive.
    He'll be lucky to be involved in a press conference.

  9. Deepak, Mallaya

    nice to see Lorenzo talking like this

  10. Archie Beech

    Lorenzo gets humbled, comes down a notch, huh? It's good for you.

  11. Fathan Kusuma

    Rossi: mee and sate 😁😁😁

  12. Thelma Advincula

    I cant stop replaying lorenzo's part. I haven't thought i will like this man, he should loosen up more

  13. Zaki Zaki

    great answer marc. good to see the good side of jorge. vale is leading, hopefully this year he lifts that 10th world title !

  14. Riska Suzana Devi

    Jorge "sarcastic" Lorenzo 😂😂😂

  15. Dion Farandi W

    hahaha lorenzo said 'now i'm far from marc'

  16. Kevin Rio Dy

    lorenzo's answer is awesome hahahah

  17. VTECheart

    Glad Lorenzo is having a sense of humor about his situation. I'm no fan, but it's early days on a new machine, don't expect too much until next year Jorge

  18. Shirish Sharma

    Rossi leads the championship.Who will win on jerez.

  19. Shirish Sharma

    who can be infront of marquez and vinhales

  20. bayu permadi

    haha.. bangsat gue g mudeng yg kalian omongin.. keren..haha

  21. Rolling 2Wheels

    nice atmosphere…funny nd enjoyable…rivalry must be left for the track…and i think SIC followed tht philosophy….

  22. area51r

    difficult to guess and very dumb to ask

  23. Otakutech

    rossi finished his question a wtf moment that guys expression priceless…jl busted a joke everybody caught that lol jl99

  24. croalbleech 1

    46 is boss like this if you like him

  25. Muhammad Irsyazman

    marc laugh totally savage af

  26. Gede Tieri

    i can't understand Valentino rossi's english :v

  27. kidsolo36

    that was a little dig to rossi from lorenzo about his age…rossi laughed it off but he was pissed lol

  28. MRXI #99

    Fuck I like Jorge and his balanced style but exactly this makes him so slow on the ducati, it was just the wrong move…

  29. Abid Haidary

    shots fired.. shots fired….notice how lorenzo eliminates rossi for the fight to victory saying mav might have problems with marc on the last corner.. cant wait for the race..

  30. dereqq oowiei

    Top blokes. Verry competitive thouh.

  31. A.

    All of them are just like:
    "Difficult, difficult. Overtake, overtake."

  32. Mister EJ

    Viñales + Marquez = last corner … who will win ? this will be a exciting race

  33. Adoondet joomget


  34. Marco Muñoz

    hagan el video traducido o doblado alguna vez… que les pasa… esto es para toda la gente a nivel mundial…. no todos sabemos ingles…. como tan estupidos.

  35. gaston javier rivadeneira

    pueden poner subtitulos para los q no entendemos inglés y así nos reímos todos nos q les parece