Who’s the fastest?Dodge vs Ford vs Chevy.2016 season best drag racing of modern muscle & sport cars

2016 Scat Pack vs Camaro 2 SS vs Hellcat vs Shelby gt350n vs ZL1 Camaro vs Corvette C7 ,Who’s the fastest 2016 season ,the best drag racing of muscle cars.

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20 Responses

  1. jjs777fzr

    In '94 I ran my '90 Mustang 5.0L notchback 'street legal trim' with hoosier dirt bozz, Edelbrock aluminum heads, wolverine 1087 cam, three chamber flows, paxton VR-4 with a little juice in 3rd hear to 124mph….et was just 11.7 as as I didnt want to break anything and shifted like grandma. I know it wasnt stock but for the time period it was pretty fast. Hats off to Dodge for production stock cars that pull of these et's and mph with the Hellcat. And fwiw one of my cars is a '14 100th Anniversary Challenger. Love it but thinking about a SRT8 '14 model ( like the gauges in the pre-15's) or maybe even a scatpack Charger.

  2. Tony one

    those Camaro and challenger times were as fast as a GTI lol

  3. Jonnie Allmond

    why do I watch these knowing the mustang wins 😂😂

  4. BBOZ83

    I'm surprised the Hellcat beat the ZR1 that bad and ZR1 had a perfect launch, sounds like it's a manual though chirping the tires through the gears against an automatic, still that driver sucks

  5. SShaBazzz

    how the fuck does a Lamborghini lose to a van.

  6. Kevin 97

    I agree with most comments tho very horrible driving

  7. Kevin 97

    everyone talking shit about mustangs but they just keep getting sexier

  8. TasteMyStinkhole

    Better question, who's the most racist… Challenger owners, Mustang owners, or Camaro owners?
    Who's the least educated?
    Who chews the most tobacco?
    Who owns more nazi and confederate memorabilia?
    Who has coon dogs trained to bite niggers?
    Who has the most 'white power' artifacts?
    Who speaks the poorest english?
    Who's missing the most teeth?

  9. Justin Belk

    90% of negative commenters either dont have a car are never dragged race before

  10. antonio Bonebeatz

    really bad drivers bad burnouts lambo driver was horrible

  11. Trina boyd

    how the fuck a Lamborghini gallardo run a fuckin 13 should be running low 11s

  12. AR S

    The Dodge Challenger and Charger retain their muscle car identity unlike the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro that's becoming more of a sports car.😔

  13. Rice Burner

    stupid car vids… theres no such thing as fastest.. theres no such thing as best… everything everyone is beatable!

  14. Brydanyourday

    Holy crap that red/orange mustang. that is a nice freaking color.

  15. AJ R

    In the last race the guy in the Jeep cheated.

  16. Ju Black

    Obvs an SS is not going to beat a hellcat but it will walk a scat anywhere because it's so heavy

  17. ucnhtmenow1

    My honest opinion is (being a Ford, well Mustang guy really) neither is the fastest. Why? Well first there's no specification in the question. Second, you can make anything fast right? So if they mean cars they've made in the past 5 years, you still couldn't choose because ford, chevy and Dodge all have project/concept cars that exceed 900hp whether you can buy it or not. Just like they thought the bugatti was the fastest. I just think it's a shame ford had a car with 1 supercharger that pumps the same hp with less than more than half the liters. Lol