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49 Responses

  1. Christian Wyche

    I don't really watch this so I don't know but who's cars are those the ones in the background I know they don't own all those cars

  2. dom5201

    is rudnick going gay for will lol dont take this seriously

  3. austrooo

    Spencer's reaction to the announcement…. always keeping it real.

  4. Mike Medeiros

    Will looks baked as fuck in the beginning and end of this video

  5. Mike Medeiros

    Wtf I never get ads when watching YouTube on my tv and all of a sudden I get an ad when Will opens the curtain

  6. Danny iPwn

    He is completely speechless, i loved this video it really was something.

    definitely right in the feels.

  7. ekgreen bean

    lil Willy got the new Miata, get to work on it pussy. He deserve it tho,pray for lil willy lol. PS where the fuck is Grillo been?

  8. AUDI-S4

    What ever happened to Marcus? Never see him in any of the new videos?

  9. Mike Worden (mikenike667)

    that was a nice thing you guys did man will has helped alot and deff deserved it love watching your vids rod knock keep em comin :p

  10. Sklubbyy

    You guys all look like the type who will bring a kid like that to a place like that and kill him

  11. Frank Mallette

    We should hang out and I could help and expect nothing in return i live in Torrington and yes I drive

  12. Jr Junior

    Love lil willy, reminds me of my bestfriend. I'm going to try and surprise Mt friend this year with his car he desires. A fox body cobra.

  13. Christian Knows

    lol will's face when they said he can sell it lol

  14. stas

    so u give will a car to make up for all the bullying so people would stop give u crappy for it

  15. lol lol

    Omg go back to "kid tries to drift his 20 hp Miata" and listen to wills voice then, then now

  16. lol lol

    5:25 Chris even says his name "me GRILLO and Spencer are going in the shop or something like that 😑

  17. Logan Schultz

    who else saw that fruity ass bug in the mirror when waiting for will, grillo hiding behind the scenes