Woman Killed at Alt-Right Rally in Virginia

A far-right rally in Charlottesville, VA leads to the death of a counter-protestor by vehicular attack Become a Member: https://www.davidpakman.com/membership …

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46 Responses

  1. DH Thomas

    Somebody needs to stop out BLM supporters before they end up getting themselves killed.

  2. Angle Damion

    "White lives matters" is just as stupid if not more stupid than "black lives matter." Fuck these people.

  3. Henry Maravilla

    what a shame. Whites and Americans fighting wars when there are opportunities for growth in America.

  4. P-A Hultman

    It started in Charleston, continues on the streets of several US. Nazi in the United States have to wait for their messiah. Now he is in place, his name: Donlad Trump. God bless america.08 / 21/2017 The story continues.

  5. Cameron Jeremiah

    Fuck you David Pakman and the rest of your (((ilk))) for subverting white countries.

  6. First Name Last Name

    Donald Trump is a racist and should be removed from office by any means possible! His support of the alt right wing, racist white supremacists is despicable!!!! I do not know of anyone who says they support him, and some say they regret voting for him in the first place! I imagine his approval rating is down into the teens by now!!!!!!! ALL OF THE NATION'S CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS NEED TO BE REMOVED, and replaced by a tribute to Heather Heir, and some others who have led the charge for equality, and the fight against right wingers who hate people of color!!!!!!!!

  7. Sententia

    I condemn in the strongest possible terms Trump's egregious logically fallacious moral equivocation which I consider demonstrative of an inability to effectively lead.
    "Fine people" do not accidentally find themselves marching alongside those with swastikas on display.

  8. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Hmmm… wait a fucking minute, those don't look like violent leftists to me…

  9. junowatt

    the neutrality in all this is both sides are violent and yet they both accuse the other of the same thing they do themselves, the arguments cancel each other out. Like the left calling the right Nazis when they show more Hitler like behavior. There is no winner in this hypocritical narrative.

  10. Mason Will

    i'm so sorry about this ,black and white should love each other and make beautiful black baby, this young woman is very brave to give up her life to fight against racist ,but that's not enough,stand with us, china ,cause only communism can save American!

  11. The Progressive Atheist

    I'm sure people like Sam Harris, Sargon, Dave Rubin and Gad Saad don't see anything racist or right wing about this rally, and the left is responsible for the woman who was killed because they can't expect to go around calling everyone a "racist" and "Nazi" who clearly are neither just because they disagree with them and not expect people to begin pushing back.

  12. 阝火丨

    Stand up, all victims of oppression
      For the tyrants fear your might
      Don't cling so hard to your possessions
      For you have nothing, if you have no rights
      Let racist ignorance be ended
      For respect makes the empires fall
      Freedom is merely privilege extended
      Unless enjoyed by one and all.
      So come brothers and sisters
      For the struggle carries on
      The Internationale
      Unites the world in song
      So comrades come rally
      For this is the time and place
      The international ideal
      Unites the human race
      Let no one build walls to divide us
      Walls of hatred nor walls of stone
      Come greet the dawn and stand beside us
      We'll live together or we'll die alone
      In our world poisoned by exploitation
      Those who have taken, now they must give
      And end the vanity of nations
      We've one but one Earth on which to live
      So come brothers and sisters
      For the struggle carries on
      The Internationale
      Unites the world in song
      So comrades come rally
      For this is the time and place
      The international ideal
      Unites the human race
      And so begins the final drama
      In the streets and in the fields
      We stand unbowed before their armour
      We defy their guns and shields
      When we fight, provoked by their aggression
      Let us be inspired by life and love
      For though they offer us concessions
      Change will not come from above.
      So come brothers and sisters
      For the struggle carries on
      The Internationale
      Unites the world in song
      So comrades come rally
      For this is the time and place
      The international ideal
      Unites the human race

  13. Aditya Patil

    "Black lives don't matter".
    This sums up their ideology: sick!

  14. libyan loyal


  15. philster611

    Bunch of chicken shit men beating up on women. Always knew these White power fucks were cowards.

  16. nathenism

    i read his car was getting attacked by people, including one with a bat

  17. Sean Green

    Let these motherfuckers bring one of their rallies to Chicago, where I grew up. We'll make sure they leave in either an ambulance or a bodybag. We won't let that shit fly here. We'll treat the Nazis the same way our grandfathers treated them in the 40's.

  18. iamedbytes

    When Trump says that both sides are equally responsible for the violence it is like saying that the Taliban and the US are equally responsible for violence in Afghanistan. One, the Nazis, is promoting violence and murdered a woman and injured many others. The other side are opposing a rising fascist regime in America.

  19. Mark12 Strang

    Liberals like David Pakman dont justify the violence of Antifa, they show that a woman was killed, because somebody drove into a crowd.

  20. Timothy H

    and here i am as an independent voter…. how does the left not want to acknowledge that antifa has been a violent organization causing riots and violence since before trump started running for president ? I hope both the skin heads and antifa people kill each other off and leave us regular people out of their stupidity.

  21. intuitknit

    David , is one problem that permits to gather and have free speech should not have been issued if hate language and logos are part of the demonstration? Who issues these permits?

  22. ziher123

    Yeah, if you don't agree with authoritarian left you are politically incorrect and that means that the state and people should be allowed to politically correct you by any means necessary.

  23. The Master Grief Collection

    Once upon a time we had to beat the fuck out of these nazis… Looks like we're going to have to do it again lol.


    Antifa and blacks are to blame for this young lady's death and you know what blacks could care less about a whit person dying . Wake up America

  25. 皿煮逗士

    what donald trump means is that white people are being repressed for too many years. others races can say anything about white people, but if a white comments on other races, he will be considered as a racist. this is unfair. if whites want real equality, they must pick up their weapons and start another civil war and kill the coloured races. as a chinese i'm glad to see that happen in america.

  26. Tomas Arkansas

    Just so you guys know, I really really really love to fuck dogs. That's right, I have sex with dogs. And I love it! Send me your doggies, I will fuck them!

  27. Orange Ziggy

    Unfortunately, I think we are in danger on the left, of becoming violent at rallies.

  28. Orange Ziggy

    I am noticing a 'beard' theme, like a goatee, in these nazis. Is this some kind of identifying symbol for them- like maybe it is a 'confederate' beard?

  29. Ian Sauco

    The fact that the president said that there was hate on "many sides," and that he couldn't even bring himself to call out these hate groups for being as shitty as they are until two days after it happened is just disgusting. Dodging or manipulating a question to avoid losing voters is one thing, but not even being able to bring yourself to tell Nazis and racists they need to fuck off, just to protect your political career, that is failing to be a decent human being. And if your political status depends on people like this, then maybe you should revaluate your campaign and if you really deserve to be in office. It's not that hard to just have a conscience and not be a dick. Come on.

  30. Donald Sanders

    You really gotta understand both sides to this. Some people view the flag and statue as a swastika types and some view it as a passion or history.