World Rally Cars 2017

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27 Responses

  1. lunar stellaris

    Это неловкое чувство когда у каких-то пидаров вроде ееонгая раз в 20 больше подписчиков чем у топового автоспорта в мире… жаль.

  2. deangladwin

    The monkey who made the music needs sacking the car's make they own music is the tune we want to hear!

  3. Tarron Clary

    What is the purpose of the paint these cars have? It loooks like something a teenager would have on the underside of a skateboard.

  4. Must Chet

    You should stop using music on your videos at all. Engine sound is the real music here.

  5. EdibleOutdoors

    If you listen very carefully you can hear those engines roar!

  6. dirt cat 1

    lol all i hear is people say the yaris is a bad econo box few years later ITS IN THE GOD DAMN WRC

  7. Alexander Lesnikov

    Fix the bug please! WRC – Kennards Hire Rally Australia in some html text.

  8. Assault jack

    Toyota come back in WRC!!
    …So where is Subaru and Mitsubishi?:D

  9. Lau Cerizola

    Nice video. But, where is M Sport?? Wtf??? 😒😐

  10. gcX

    so those cars have one of the coolest engine sounds in motorsport…….. but we cant hear them hahaha c'moooooooooon =P

  11. Varski The Chief

    Please not anymore of this horrible music. Video was okay but the music was not

  12. Filip Carlén

    Come on! We want to hear them as well! Why add shitty music over the beautiful sound of the cars

  13. PAL

    If this is your new 2017 music, goodbye!
    still missing the vw's
    for the driver championship, it will be more interessting.