Worlds Fastest Drag Radial Cars – Radial vs The World Highligts!

Radial vs The World Highlights from No Mercy – Duck X Productions! Eight Mile Drag Racing Thanks for Watching! www.

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33 Responses

  1. Sean Morris

    All that power on small rubber asking for trouble.


    What's with that 'Turder Nova' ? Did he ever make a clean pass that weekend?


    I wasn't there so I don't know; What happened the second night that the track wouldn't hold as many aggressive passes? Or was it guys getting a little ambitious with their tunes?

  4. Robert Hill

    heck the top fuelers are runnin mid 3s lately in 1,000 ft If these Pro Mods could turn a sub 4 sec run on gas/alky, the head honchos at NHRA would be a shittin their Panties man
    I love watching 1/8 mi drags.

  5. AntGamingYT

    1/8 mile drag racing? I live 20 minutes away from a professional drag racing strip/place named Raceway Park in New Jersey which is why I'm complaining. but 1/8 mile drag racing must make the driver feel good if they win by an inch right when the car behind them is about to catch up huh. They damn well know if it was 1/4 mile they would get their doors blown off. My mom races a 1970 barracuda if you were wondering,

  6. Shnuffle Puck

    i know im probably going to get picked on for this and i know this a stupid question but what is that steam that is spewing out of the hood on some cars, i know a lot about cars but not that

  7. Kat McCollough - Vlogs

    A 4 second quarter mile is fucking ridiculous.

    Another thing, are wheelie bars not allowed here?

  8. Larry Garcia

    1/8 mile drag race? Back in the old days it was a quarter mile.

  9. Vanna6345

    Give this video a 4 1/2 Stars only because of the stupid haystack blonde in the dark glasses that distracted everyone from the race.. grrr..

    Sex belongs at home in the bedroom not on the Drag Strip..

  10. Per Johan Dahl

    Line hadde vel en 556-57 Bel Air ? stemmer ikke d? utrolig bakkefølelse m disse,,, så,så ,,,,

  11. Per Johan Dahl

    nei,skalikke visenoe mer for dere nei vnner, men selv blir jeg vel å sittende å se på,d hvar vel en <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Camaro som var under 4,00 mens Belair som vanlig klistrer se fast , m elle r uten hjul løft   samm e typen som Chewy som Lin Eidemhadde det ,utrolig biler, uasett hjul løft eller ikke??? dem klistrer seg fast, må ha noe m bakenden å gjøre ,vil jeg tro???

  12. pawpower58

    The stingray being the #1 qualifier running a 3.96 with a small block has to be a world record in a small block pro mod car, isn't it??? I know this, I go to NHRA drag races when the are in the state of S.C., and I don't thank that I have ever saw a small block engine in any car of any make that quick before. Just saying!!!

  13. Rayonn Wrice

    you can tell when a turbo car is doing a burnout by how quiet it is lol

  14. cheatmaster15

    Who's ready to see Jekyll Hyde's use to be twin at lights out 7

  15. nitromethane222

    Pro Mod Corvett sorry just because you put 10.5W tires on your race car doesnt mean you have a fast street car you have a fast race car with tires that measure pretty close to 14×32's

  16. jjs4you2

    1:35 to 1:42 Why not run that a bit longer so we can see what happened to the guy in the right lane? That was a pretty intense fire, what was the outcome for that guy, did he have an on board fire suppression system or did it burn to the ground?

  17. Tre Johnson

    Definitely your best video! It's quite amazing how these cars are keeping up with Pro Mod times on such a small tire.

  18. Alex Truax

    man you gotta be up in the stands for the lights out in feb @theracingvids best footage up there