World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!

It’s back! The World’s Greatest Drag Race returns with nine of the world’s best supercars, sports cars, and muscle cars for 2012 facing off in an epic quarter-mile …

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28 Responses

  1. Ʃ ƩƩ

    skyline i süren mal yüzünden 3. oldu yoksa eline verirdi hepsinin

  2. Little Cuzy

    What the fuck how is it fair to put a gtr vs an aventador

  3. reteach007

    To me it looks like a added spoiler on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. Coupe

  4. Ethan McLaren

    What a surprise, the car with the most horsepower wins.

  5. thesupernittygritty

    so, how many gt-r,s could i buy for the price of the lambo or the mc claren?

  6. George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017

    the ZL1 5 Gen where is is going to kill all garbage there the new ZL1 is going to kill everything

  7. kmk kmk

    my all time favorite,the mighty lamborghini aventador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Christian Gaxiola

    BRZ said don't worry guys I'll stay back here and chill

  9. Anthony the ant king

    Gtr is a loser the Lamborghini aventador show gtr who's boss

  10. Mrinalini Patwardhan-Tutakne

    Lambo aventador is my most favourite car in the entire WORLD

  11. HyperX #Toaster21

    My favorite car in this pack was that Jaguar XKR S

  12. TREVOR J Cooper

    I think it's the drivers!! I really think a gtr could've took the Lamborghini!!

  13. Lamboempire

    I knew the lambo would do it I had faith in u. lambos for life

  14. Andrew Caylor

    Be cool if you could have a 360 roof cam on all of the vehicles and you could go thru the drag race from any of the vehicles perspective.

  15. Andrew Caylor

    I so wish that they would redo this with the Crawford brz kit. Wouldn't win but I bet it sure would lessen the gap a ton.