World’s Greatest Drag Race 3!

It’s back! The World’s Greatest Drag Race returns with twelve of the world’s best supercars and sports cars for 2013 facing off in an epic quarter-mile sprint for …

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37 Responses

  1. Israel Ankerson

    the ford is a family car not sports car what did you think was gonna happen


    what a fair comparsion, I think all of these sponsored by Nissan 😀 Put a Turbo S instead of cayman and carrera 4s and it will rape all of these.

  3. Michael Takaichi

    Jesus Fucking Christ that e63 wagon is brutal as fuck!!!!!

  4. Ciprian ungureanu

    why porsche 911 turbo isn t here? carrera and cayman its not so powerfull

  5. Bubbles

    I would like to see these races in one shot, start to finish.

  6. hawaiidispenser

    Quarter mile that took 53 seconds because of all the horrible editing.

  7. Skirt Skit

    They use the dumbest cars there. A Ford Focus ST and a Benz station wagon??? Against a GTR??? How is that even fair?

  8. Elijah Yang6699

    why isn't there no exhaust for gtr in any drag races

  9. Syed Abid Ahsan

    sauwar beta bal bujhas..???tar mane ki sabbir ct100 liye hamar rtr er age jabi..??????????????

  10. SoccerBoyAP

    OK so I've watched 1-3 now and i'm wondering why this is a 1/4 mile drag
    These are the top 5% (mostly) of the most powerful production cars…. why isn't this 1/2 mile or more?
    These are the cars that changed the standard from 0-60 up to 0-100
    They are so fast that the typical measuring guides weren't enough, yet here we are on the 1/4 mile drag?

  11. Nick Mark Fallarcuna

    around of applause to the girl driver of mb wagon 👏👏👏

  12. See Fss


  13. Renaud Abel

    should have choosen the 911 turbo S …. not a basic 911 4s…..

  14. ph4tboy

    Vanquish has got to be one of the worst $ for performance car ever. Sure it looks and sounds good, but that's all. For the same money you can get looks good, sounds good and much better performance.

  15. Souna

    the sls was going fucking fast it had 129.8 that could made it 1st in more 2 sec

  16. CaptainXero

    This is fucking gay. The gtr hardly had any competition. Ford Focus? Seriously? The race needed a Viper ACR…then I'd like to see how the gtr would fair.

    And lol that Porche sucked ass.