World’s Greatest Drag Race! Koenigsegg One : 1 vs. All Race Cars F1, Indycar, LeMans | Forza 6

The World’s Greatest Drag Race in Forza Motorsport 6 featuring the Koenigsegg ONE:1 against 6 RACE CARS. Who will win this One Mile Drag Race? The cars …

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27 Responses

  1. Jesus Aguilar

    What happened with the race cars? How did they lose against the Koenigsegg? That's kinda mysterious. The race cars are built for speed, not just grip and acceleration

  2. Kevin Dang

    The only reason the Porsche got off the line well was because of the hybrid which pushes it past 1000 HP

  3. Spotav

    Put these in real life, and i'm sure the Koenigsegg gets last, by far, because in real life physics are not the same for every car

    I'm sure the old mercedes sauber c11, would kick the koenigsegg ass, every-single-time, in every drag race, that thing pulled in muslanne straight over 250MPH, the same with the all other cars,

    The game deveplovers of this only think UHHGHFDG DUH, IF IT GOTS MORE MORE SHOULD BE MUCH FASTER UHHHGH. without considering things like differential setings, drag, surface of contact, torque curves, torque converters, hybrid system actuation, etc, etc, etc…

    the 919, and a mercedes f1 w07, would smoke the one:1 in a mile drag race, in a quarter mile a good LMP1 and 2016 F1 cars can do easily in 6-7 seconds range.

  4. Doug D

    Don't know why you got so much dislikes for this. This was brilliant!

  5. Jacob Chaplain

    I have an upgraded Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in Forza 4 that can finish the drag mile at 240mph. I think if I messed with the gearing I could probably get it to beat the Koenigsegg One:1.

  6. Matt Wells

    OK and since they're racecars you can tune them however you need to for a 1mile, rather than leaving them as setup for a circuit race, while racing against a car meant for top speed, do it again with the downforce on all racecars turned down all the way, take the restricted that I know are on a few of these, (definitely the 787, and I assume the 908 as well, and tune the gears for higher top speed on any that top out, racecars don't have a "stock" form, they are setup for each race individually, when it comes to many LeMans cars of the past, they raced at much lower power most of the time, either by restriction of class, or just to conserve fuel at the top class, the Nissan r92cp raced at around 950whp, but during qualifying they cranked the turbos up and it made 1250 HP, and hit 249mph down Fuji speedways straight, so given that is a real world fact, and that straight is a bit less than a mile long, you have an entering speed o to the straight, but also a 40-60 mph turn at the end, so useable track is even less than that near mile, I'm sure that that car would beat that one to one

  7. gold333

    Everyone knows the "production car will beat everything" fans are little 11 year old boys.



  9. Kristopher Ransom

    or better yet, put it (the one:1) up against the rimac ( all electric vehicle).

  10. Kristopher Ransom

    i personally want to see the one:1 up against the p1 gtr .

  11. Nikola Andonovski

    if the lotus didnt have the rear wing for down force to decrease drag it would have won

  12. HI5xStream

    I thought the lotus would win hands down having the most power of the F1's not sure why it started so slow?

  13. FishTank Productions

    The One:1 drivers in these ALWAYS bounce off the limiter in 1st.

  14. ReXzz

    I love how the 919 just destroys absolutley everything on the very first few meters :D

  15. Luthadie

    Are the race cars in standard setup or straight line setup?