World’s Greatest Drag Race! Modified Edition – Modified Ep. 7

On this episode of Modified powered by Honda, Matt Powers and Geoff Stoneback bring you the first ever world’s greatest drag race, modified edition. Powers and Stoneback collect some of the…

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47 Responses

  1. heavyarmoredduck

    haha oh wow fwd drag, can't wait next episode about fwd drift

  2. Greiguci Wootchie

    8.57 if you don't want the bullshit chat, Race mofo.

  3. SVTCO

    All the hype leads up to the most poorly/ overly edited race since Tyrese's race in FF2.

  4. FarhanJDM

    I must say it ,That Blueand white Civic Is Clean As fxck and N/A is fucking fast

  5. Floor IT!

    When vtec kicks in soo much. You mist shift like a mother f@cker 😂✌

  6. Bay BossMAN

    Y'all should do a video on Pikes Peak 2018 that would be the best

  7. lfsracer79

    So you have a three mile runway and you decide to do a quarter mile drag race…

  8. John Cordova

    Why do so many with V8 hard ons jerk of to 4 cylinder videos, then complain?

  9. Yoseob Yang

    Respect to that 2WD N/A car smashing rivals with twice its power

  10. Yo Cecil

    Its criminal plowing that much money into a car which is flawed from the start (front wheel drive). There is a clue in the winners car.

  11. M.H.A Z

    They should have titled the video name "Worlds Greatest Honda Civic Drag Race" Hahaha.

  12. mike the Knight

    I had a feeling the the Honda civic would win….I was right…

  13. 4evrPothead

    It would have been more interesting if they used a different car. (Mustang, 370z, Camaro, corvette, Evo, Sti, challengers, hellcats) list goes on. But noooo let's pick Honda

  14. 4evrPothead

    Hopefully they don't do this again…terrible idea. From all the cars in the world. They pick Honda? Like wtf?

  15. Dark Inferno S2K Boy

    when Ricky's civic took off, it was like when people underestimate you then you are like "ok goodbye!"

  16. John Richards

    I really don't understand where all the hate is coming from, its a good show. looking forward to next season

  17. Micro Motors UK

    Ricky, that blue civic just wrecked everyone else! Damn!

  18. Ralph Smallblock

    Are they only civics? No Jdm sport cars or super cars? Okay.

  19. Ali Haider Bhatti

    this is the first time i am seeing the honda civic is couraged by the car enthusiast..😂😂

  20. Ibrahim Playz

    A civic here a civic there a civic flipping everywhere

  21. Elias samaha

    Lol no 1/4 mine time I’m glad most made it to the finish line gotta celebrate the small wins in life

    P.s all those Honda’s reviving man farts to my ears made it sound so much fartier