World’s Greatest Drag Race! One:1, Veyron, P1 GTR, FXXK, Lykan, Ford GT, HELLCAT, Audi R8 – Forza 6

The World’s Greatest Drag Race in Forza Motorsport 6 featuring 8 of the most powerful supercars in the world. Who will win this One Mile Drag Race? The cars …

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45 Responses

  1. Help Me

    Why the hell was the challenger. There? It makes no sense cuz every other car was a supercar or hypercar

  2. Angel Silva-Gabonada

    Fake bugatti is faster in the world booooooooooooooooooooooooericship111

  3. Alperen Eker

    Dodge super sportmu amk salagi tabi geride kalir koy bi venono bi chiron veya pagani

  4. Daniel Templeton

    dude the hellcat has strength they should have done a 1970 dodge charger It would smoke the doors of the others.

  5. mikecustoms

    wow engine sounds are shit and the speeds are total bullshit lol, you said this is the greatest game ever? I'd say it's the shittiest, most unrealistic piece of dogshit I've ever seen

  6. Fatih ap

    Yeahh! Koenigsegg one is win in the world drag race/forza horizon

  7. Joemel Botea

    It's not even real I tought it was real it's an xboxes wtf wtf

  8. TheLastWave Gaming

    That Koenisegg with 1341 hp and the same amount off kg

    Thats why Its name is one:1 (one to one)

  9. TheDannyAdventures

    Man that Challenger was luggin!! I guess that's American cars for ya 😕

  10. Lapis Minecart // The Lapis minecart

    I think for the majority of the race the veyron had its air brake on