worst extreme head on mx motocross crash ever gorman hungry valley

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4 Responses

  1. Micheal Quirke

    You were alot nicer than I would have been, that could have been serious, even if your a first time rider he looked old enough to see that it was 2 way traffic, I know 2 people that have head ons in Gorman, I even met a tool going the wrong way on one of the one ways and when I pointed it out he already knew, whoever brought this guy out should have given him some basic directions.

  2. Derek Hallman

    Hey David that was awesome, most people would freak out in a situation similar.  Would you mind if I put this into a crash compilation?  Of course I will give you full credit and place a link to your channel in the description.

  3. MrGreenDumps2

    Ur awesome dude. You were so cool about it and understanding of his 1st time out and thats really cool i wish everyone out there was like you man. Good job.