WRC 2016: TECH SPECIAL World Rally Car Cockpit (Hayden Paddon)

More Videos on: http://goo.gl/kKumd8 ▻ Website: http://goo.gl/2b0WzE FIA World Rally Championship – WRC Cockpit presented by Hayden Paddon (Hyundai …

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14 Responses

  1. Broken Heart

    Omg what happen to wrc cars lol . This is rally not formula 1 . You just need balls and a mahal gear box that's it

  2. Korobass

    жаль непонятно, но очень хороший ролик

  3. HammerFET

    funny enough those controls seem more functional than the ones you get on normal cars

  4. João Araújo

    Five doors rally car? Like a Subaru Impreza? Of course not!

  5. Milton Fernandez

    excelente videooo! hagan más de este tipo de videos!

  6. Oldracer

    Whats the red button on the back of the paddle shift for?

  7. Mountainpixels

    Nice Video
    Very Interesting
    He is very sympatic

  8. JurekBogdanowicz

    can you tell how tochange blinker fluid in a wrc ?

  9. TheBlackJames

    Haydon Paddon looks to be a really nice guy in addition of being a great driver!