WRC Hyundai i20 flat out over MASSIVE jump – Rally Portugal 2014

WRC driver Thierry Neuville throws Rosanna around in the Hyundai i20 on a stage of the Rally Fafe Sprint in Northern Portugal. Massive jumps, lots of …

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36 Responses

  1. Mixam the Slav

    my parents thought i was watching a porn video with a girl trying a monster vibrator for the first time. jeez! that lady is so annoying!

  2. carzrmylife1129

    Is it just me or did she say, "Oh my god. I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"…

  3. freEmASoN worldorder

    she is a screamer,, I would luv to meet her…

  4. maleckyda

    Stupid overreaction. Americans are capable of nothing other than how idiots around yelling … OMG. LIMITATION

  5. Bob Last

    not sure if scared out of her mind or having the best orgasm of her life

  6. Victor montano

    Just the way i like girls, noisy when they're having fun!.

  7. thiagov6123

    Just like most women having sex, moaning and pretending to love it.

  8. Jalen taylor

    My man gave her a orgasm without even having to go down Mad Props

  9. yehwan so

    왜 블박이나 올인원캠 사용하면 터빈소리가 저따구로 들리는거지ㅡㅡ


    Took me about 2 minutes of playing this out load at 2am before i realised i should properly put some headphones in

  11. Jairo aguirre maida

    oooh yeah! i love! oooh oooh my god! …una buena paja me di

  12. Rob Nolan

    is this was only audio you would 100% think she was geting pounded

  13. djdem0n777

    орет как тп, скорость маленькая, че бояться то

  14. Chaos Tade

    dont watch this without headphones while parents in home.

  15. Safhira Rovida

    how come you guys heard her voice? I can't hear anything she said