WRC Rally Deutschland 2014 | crashes, close calls jumps and drifts

After a dramatic finale in 2013 not many would have believed this year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland could be nearly as exciting as it was back then. They were …

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  1. Thomas Wirz

    Great clip!! Really fantastic slowmotions!!! I like this kind of maximum-attack-rallying!!

  2. peter falk

    dem streckenposten bei 11,50 hätte einfach mal jemand richtig auf das gesicht geben sollen!!! was ein sCHwachkopf sowas gibts nur in deutschland!!!! unsportlich bis dort hinaus , was ein Arschloch"""

  3. abood77c3

    ????????????? What are the marshals doing at minute 11… Why do they push ppl away?

  4. hashrulsubzero

    Wow…never my whole life watching a rally video that makes me pissed off about something. 😠

    Those stupid marshals is not letting the fans help the driver getting out of the ditch even the driver ask for it. Those marshals must be a really useless, any stories about this incident? Like are those marshal who denied the help from the fans to help the driver gets fired by the organisers?

  5. Shobin Drogan

    Wow that is the saddest fucking Marshall I've seen, not enough you grab someone by the shoulder and pushed him down, you did it repeatedly to the next 3 or 4 guys. I'm disappointed the crowd didn't beat the fuck outta your dumbass. The people there are too obsessed with helping to give a shit about you.

  6. Hacking/Cracking/Coding

    man this is so cool
    btw can someone explain to me why these cars

  7. durace shimano

    These stupid rules of Rally's Manager are killing this Great Race, If there're not more fans, this pure Race will die. No more company join, no more advertisement. The only thing keep this Great Race be still alive nowaday is loving of fans. Rally's Manager with some their stupid rules are killing this Race. I'm from Viet Nam, i loved Rally at the first sight from 16 years ago. So SAD when seeing your loved Race going dow day by day with stupid rules of it's Manager guys.

  8. sparkss4

    I'm amazed at how much better the Polo is than everything else. This thing is just glued to the road!

  9. Andre Reiu

    I really hope that someone punched that CUNT ´´marshal´´ in the face who was at the end of the video

  10. Daniel Meiland

    I ´m also working as a security guard and what they do is not allowed specially in the rude way they do. You can´t touch anybody who just wants to help. I would sue their ass. That is so typical german. No wonder why nobody else on the world likes us.

  11. Paul Karanja

    Love how the crowd stood firm against the marshalls and helped the guy out.

  12. Eifeler888 - Nürburgring Nordschleife & Rallye Channel

    Super Video!

  13. - SARGNT Clash Royale and More! -

    At 12:07 those Marshalls are useless. They couldn't even let the spectators help! but dragging them out like wild animals. 😕

  14. Swapnil Jain


  15. Daniel Dautry

    Those Marshals should should've been beaten up, seriously… Absolute morons

  16. Pluto619

    I soliti commissari di percorso figli di puttana….

  17. MeowReapZ

    Car+hard road+fans = rally …. Eat that fucking marshalls

  18. Arthur Vermeulen


  19. ssonera88

    11:45 I can't believe those officials weren't letting the people help him.

  20. the_vapers_life 1995

    fuck those fucking marshals there just trying to help and they just push the spectators away? wtf! I understand they want everyone to be safe but the whole time they were arguing they could have got the car out and back on the road! wow