WRC | Rally On The Limits | Maximum Attack | 2015/2016 Compilation

A compilation with the best “Flat Out moments, Maximum Attacks, On The Limits, Best Moments and Jumps” of 2015 + WRC Montecarlo 2016 Big Thanks to: …

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26 Responses

  1. auzzty41440 G

    The energy in that crowd in the last two clips is thrilling in and of itself

  2. Mak Age Music

    Omg!!! That last one!! Fucking insane and awesome but fucking dangerous for that people….^^

  3. Shit Kicker

    Rally drivers, crazy or the biggest balls on the planet? Abit of both i think.


    hey I got a good idea let's all stand in the middle of the road while a 120 mph car misses us by only inches

  5. Chinchilla Nation

    Volkswagen always flying at high speeds

  6. MrFox 14Gamer

    I have a need to instantly play Dirt.

  7. CarReviews EU/BALKAN

    Great skills. Respect for those drivers :).

  8. Robby Daniel

    Who are you 'M?' ~ You're perspective is uncompromising…

  9. Александр Малков

    Сколько адреналина от одного звука этих ,, накрученных" моторов .

  10. Prestige Hazard

    That hyundai rider/s is/are crazy as fuck

  11. DOT. BLVCK

    Rally drivers are the best 💯💯

  12. Smita

    The little Hyundai was doing good, cutting on t he edges every time…

  13. English Nature

    Professional rally drivers have always amazed me, wish i could drive like that.