WRC Rally Sweden 2015 – Motorsportfilmer.net

The 2nd round of the World Rally Championship in Sweden was one of the most exiting rallies for a while! Results at wrc.com. Please like us at …

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36 Responses

  1. Jizzhammer

    These guys really really amaze me and all the credit goes to nascar or f1 drivers but these guys going 5 ft of the ground and keep it stable

  2. Kyle Campion

    I live in Minnesota, where can I get some of those tires goddamn

  3. Pymihustle

    1:41 Kubica WTTTFF!!!???
    Im always fckin' stoked when i see how Robert drives….Daemon!!

  4. Chris Geary

    You have to say these guys drive out of this world. I love rally racing, I really enjoy all motorsports but rally has to be my favorite… Great video and thanks for posting…. Cheers!!

  5. Jay M

    I love the sound especially off the jumps. Excellent footage. Thanks.

  6. Erik Kukučka

    this is the first time after few years, that i am cheking wrc video, and i wonder. WTF happened ?
    why are this small cars racing ? i mean i remember Focus not fiesta, Imperza and Evo instead of i20 and Polo. You get the picture. No hate, just curious.

  7. leebz1

    this video really puts into perspective how fast they're actually going!!! super talented nutters with no fear!!

  8. Jeroen van der Heiden

    Hello Tor Andre, very nice compilation, one question do you maybe still know where you have filmed the jump part?
    Do you know on which stage and maybe even know which part of the stage? i am visiting rally sweden this year and would love to know this spot, can you help? i mean the section on minute 17.26 in your video

  9. tommy9927

    Funny how they seem to apply different safety standards for each WRC event. You can't even get within 50m of the "Gina" jump on the Baumholder stage in Germany. Here they're right next to it

  10. slspg

    Now this is Motorsport, not that wanna be cool drift ricer crap.

  11. Gary Lindquist

    this is how you drive a car! Not around in left handed circles

  12. Viktor Florén

    How do they manage to stay on the road in that speed???

  13. RB26 net


  14. Zwei Simo


  15. Mariano V.

    Thank You Tor Andre Borresen for your hard work! Deja vu Linx would like to know if there was a formal broadcast with commentary and I sent them to you for a better answer because I do not know, but imagine there has to be one somewhere.

  16. Adnan Bhuiyan

    Are these cars all racing on the course at the same time ? If so, then wouldn't it be an impossibility for one car to overtake the other and hence bring about an element of randomness and anxiousness to the race ? Because otherwise it would suck cause the first position would stay in that position throughout the race.

  17. Kordovaner Balint

    WRC drivers and Man TT riders are amongst the most badass people on earth.
    Just unbelievable how fast these cars are going on ice and snow. They have talent, no doubt about it!