WRC Rally (woman in a car)

The best scenes of this years Rally. This time I chose a harder song, I thought it fit well with the character of the rally! If you want to hear the woman sounds, just …

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20 Responses

  1. thlin

    Although I would be screaming like a school girl also if I were in her position, it is really funny watching other people being horrified when they aren't truly in danger.

  2. Inar Ord

    subtitle: aa….AAAAAAA…a…ah…. ah…. a…aaaaAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA…Ah…AH.. aaaH AAA aaaa ahahah..aaa….aa…..aaaAAAAAAAAAAaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. aaAAAAAAAAaaaa…aaaaAAahah…aaaa….aaaa…ah..a….ahh.aa..aaaAAAAAAA………..

  3. rasalgethi999

    Not sure if weird-looking kitchen, or a mobile kitchen.

  4. baldfatgit1

    hahahaha thats so funny to watch ive watched it over and over again and i still laugh thanks for sharing

  5. alLeX

    ce are ma??:)) moare =)) mai bine se aude motorul la masina de cat urletul ei :)

  6. alLeX

    ce are ma??:)) moare =)) mai bine se aude motorul de cat urletu` ei :)

  7. LucianHalo

    Nice, scream a little louder into the driver's ear.. he's only driving a vehicle that can kill you both.

  8. canuckaholic91

    @wouzenhoofd actually that's more like a super charger ahhaha

  9. jubitoftw

    i guess you can't have fun and keep your dignity at the same time. :-)