X games crash Freestyle motocross

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  1. Yolomcswaggins

    The last one look like it got his while body crushed Hope he still alive

  2. Gary McMichael

    Freestyle is so stupid. The bikes aren't designed for this nor are our bodies. I'm an mx racer and this stuff is just so dumb. It's popular for all the non-mx riding goofballs to watch. Oh, well they get paid but to me it ain't worth the risk. If this continues, I guarantee all riders are going to be wearing super-restrictive neck and back braces which will make it even more dumb. Why not just wrap each rider in bubble wrap with a parachute?

  3. Joe Blo

    this stuff has gotten crazy should bam it ?

  4. machine gun Kelly awesome

    that sucks so bad I would cry forever but I love x games

  5. Tyler Dolan

    Did the last clip of the crash did he die

  6. Tyler Dolan

    That last one wow thats got to hert🤕

  7. KINGEN XXX3me

    bu det var ju inte så bra det va död

  8. Crenshaw Mafia

    This is amazing many things happen while riding like I've crashed these people crashed it's sad but we love mx no matter what

  9. Mochael Pederson

    it's probably not the money you suffer doing what you love and a lot of the time you eat shit really hard but doing what you love keeps you going

  10. Jennifer Gonzalez

    i lost my brother because of this ; (

  11. Chris Peakman

    You know I use to jump some big air in the pits back in the day and would land in sand. Had zero effect on the landing. But when I ate it, it wasn't so bad as landing on hard pack.

  12. AM2nIce

    Can someone do a RKO from mid air compilation of this?

  13. Веселый Роджер

    Если футболисты попадают на операционный стол…эти бессмертные,что ли?

  14. TheOpelkoenjas

    Wondering if all those broken bones and even death are worth the money and fame. Seriously, I don't get it. Anyone risking his life over a bit of money and fame is mentally ill in my opinion.

  15. brayandupstep xD

    como se llama la cancion??????

  16. Liam Turner

    some of these aren't that bad but others…

  17. Junrey Cornelio

    I hate freestyle,, its better moto cross

  18. killerangel playz

    plz give me this song 😀 ?????