X-Trial World Championship Strasburgo

” I LEONI” Motoclub UFFICIALE Federale Italiano RINGRAZIA di cuore la Federazione Internazionale Motociclismo che trovate a questo link con tanti video …

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39 Responses

  1. remige2006

    Of course, it will surely happen one of these days, life is like that you know, yes, these guys, will encounter those horrible things that others humans called a :ROAD!!!!!!!!

  2. TheFaithtrix

    My helmet is off to all you people that can do this. You all have my respect.

  3. lilturk726

    No shit, they got Ninja from Die Antwoord to be the announcer? Noice

  4. mynameisray

    I love it when the title of a video is 100% English but none of the video itself is actually English.

    Reported for misleading.

  5. stunt Izoro

     the track is fully out of measurements  lol an asshole have designed it 

  6. Ludim Chico