Yamaha R1M Owners Event @ MotoGP America 2017

We traveled to Austin, Texas for MotoGP. Yamaha treated us to dinner and an evening with Colin Edwards, Johann Zarco, Jonas Folger and Maverick Vinales.

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41 Responses

  1. Zach Glines

    650ib always doin good press work, keep up the good work.

  2. zico falcao

    how come Ducati doesn't have an event like this.!

  3. Lewis Allen

    Hey ib congratulations on 100k subs … And I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Big favor the next GP race you go to. Could you get a Doctor autograph for me . I'm not able to afford the trip to a Gp race and I've been a fan of Rossi since the beginning. Good day sir

  4. Brendon Chantler

    "this is a beautiful bike, but it has nothing on you" hahaha legend!

  5. Number 1

    My man! Trying to get laid at 18:05.. Lol great video appreciate the hard work..

  6. Brendon Chantler

    love your videos man! thank you

  7. Jcatt

    Any plans for your first track day of the season?

  8. Robert Martinez

    yo 650 u full of shit u claim to have won majarity of races against asshole…u sir r a liar and lost my respect…u won when he didnt spray…and when he ran out of spray….with spray he busted ur ass 3 times….if u wanna take a win supercharged vs all motor u my friend r a joke we all seen the video…quit bullshittin ….and speeddemon killed u..i kinda new from the get go when u put up the other vid first u wouldnt post it

  9. I like broccolis

    wait sede you hanging out with maxwrist?

  10. Polo Buk

    18:02 is were 650 attempts, 18:05 is were gets shot with an imaginary pistol. lol awesome vid✊🏽

  11. Robbas

    Great upload. Moto GP <3 But im a little disapointed of my love Rossi.. He could have at least looked at you all in the end there and say something.

  12. Hooligan Rider

    16:34 Babe in pink couldn't get her hug request approved at all 😛

  13. Yash Agrawal

    really liked the new music. its just awesome does anyone knows the name?

  14. Sloppy 2nd's

    get day ib, but I gotta say I like my tracks same as my girls, Tight !
    can't beat Laguna Seca 👌

  15. Dj Capel

    Yamaha knows how to treat the customers!!!!!

  16. DaWrathOfGod

    It's videos like this that separate you so far from the rest and why you deserve way more subs! Awesome video man best channel on youtube for sure!

  17. Jackie Burleson

    Did you blog the hardhitters vs Cleveland fastboys I know you're going to get back at them they been boasting and roasting

  18. Jackie Burleson

    That's awesome great video made up for missing it thanks

  19. P Body

    Great job Ib! Thanks for bringing us into these events!

  20. jetmajor Ps4

    i dont even ride anymore and ive un-subbed from so many motovloggers, but i still watch and enjoy your videos and RJ's!

  21. busaking1 hawley

    Very gracious of you to allow Mr. ABN1 to ride the savage-mode H2 after some of the rough language of his in the past. You are a true gentleman ib. Steve's Ducati rocks!

  22. DarkThrottle

    lol I just picked up my M the 28th I'm planning on being there next year

  23. ThatBikerDude

    what's that background music you used?

  24. Chase Newquist

    I think I talked to you in the VIP paddock area Saturday but I wasn't sure if it was you or not.

  25. DJ MotoVlogs

    All these events really make the price of the R1M worth it for the owners. Thanks for the inside look man.

  26. Matt Siegel

    i kept telling my. brother we were going to bump into you there and it never happened!

  27. Kiki_Daily

    wow, yamaha really treat their loyal customer very well, for the motorcycle you paid, you really should get this type of service.. well done yamaha..

  28. yamah Hon

    How was the overall crowd turn out for the race? It looks good to me? I read somewhere that the turn out was poor?

  29. yamah Hon

    It is SOOOOO AWESOME that Yamaha does this for its customers!

  30. Emmet Dallat

    keep er lit, we need some Steve in our lives, also I hope R1 Kelly is in this (commenting and liking before watching :0).

  31. Jonathan Sagrero

    At 17:40 does anyone know how they installed the tank LEDs for the Yamaha emblem on the sides of the tank. I want to do that to my r1 so bad but I can't find how they do it

  32. Matt Haley

    YES IB! On point again. Definitely the BADDEST man Yamaha invited 🤠

  33. TrackSol

    Yamaha stepping it up with the owner appreciation. They've realized how customer appreciation affects customer retention similar to Harley and Ducati. Almost makes me want to jump ship from Honda.

  34. Patric Pemberton

    What an experience of a lifetime.