ZENTORNO VS OSIRIS Drag Race | GTA 5 Online | Fastest Car In Gta 5? | iLL Gotten Gains DLC

Please Watch Till End Instagram: http://instagram.com/hellavflush ———————————————————————————– Thanks To: awesome-alex1234 …

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33 Responses

  1. Troy Taylor Channel

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  2. Janavion Simmons

    the zentorno got damaged which koses the car to go slower

  3. Dorileen Plaza

    masacro is fastes. its start slow but then it gain speed is the best

  4. AFX Gaming

    You need to take the spoiler off the zentorno for it to be a fair race because it has a spoiler and the other does not spoilers cause drag which makes more tire spin and slows Down the vehicle

  5. JimmyJames82

    Fully upgraded the Zentorno slightly wins it but stock the Osiris wins easy

  6. GtaV 4 life

    My osiris is fully upgraded I can drag a fully upgraded zentorno any day look at the speed differences on legendary motorsport

  7. AlexGaming HD

    Osiris smokes rapid and everything else.  Plus these tests are so not even close to the real estimates

  8. Barnaby Bourbon

    Considering the Osiris cost nearly 3 times more than the Zentorno I wouldnt call the Osiris value for money, but I would call the Zentorno a bargain

  9. Tiny Star

    this isnt gran turismo, in gta spoilers are cosmetic only. both cars are identical and factoring in who had best net connection and minimal delay is what determined slight better starting holeshot. 

  10. Soduh デッド

    They look literally exactly the same speed. The other people just launch better amd faster than you.

  11. Ploutty

    That Osiris looks like a replica of Horacio Pagani's Huayra, amarite ? 😮

  12. whathappen? Brayan Pa!

    Is not tunning the osis and win zentorno

  13. Alenn Pham

    Why did i got the feeling that someone copy my Osiris…