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The season of the Italian championship is in full swing. The main event is the return of the main favorite of the previous season, Juventus. The team of Allegri is in excellent form, and its fans are expecting a great performance from the team. Atalante has already shown a good game, and the fans are waiting for the next triumph of the team, which will be a real test for the reigning champion.
At the moment, the team of Gianluigi Buffon is in the first place of the standings, but it is not the only contender for the title. The other teams are:
* Milan;
* Inter;
* Napoli;
* Roma;

In the next season, the main goal of the Atalantes will be the fight for the champion title. In the current season, they lost to Juventus in the final match, but the team is not in the best shape, so the fans will definitely not forgive them for this.
In order to follow the current form and the results of the matches of the teams, it is enough to visit the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the latest information about the Italian Championship, as well as the results and statistics of the games of the leading teams.

The Serie A is the most popular football championship in the world. It is held every year, and it is the main tournament of the country. The season is long, and this is one of the reasons why the fans have a lot of interesting events to watch.
The current season is very busy, and many interesting confrontations are held every day. The fans can follow the results on the website, where the information is updated in real time. The statistics of Serie A are updated in the line of hundreds of events.
Fans can follow all the results, as they are updated live. It will be convenient to follow all events, as it is possible to do it on the go.
Latest Serie A results
The Italian championship has a long history, and fans can learn about it from the statistics line. It has been held every season since the first one, and there are always a lot events to follow.
This season, many interesting matches are held in the championship, and they will be remembered by many fans. Among the main favorites of the season are: Juventus; Milan; Inter; Napoli.
Juventus is the current champion, and has already won the most trophies. The previous season was not so successful for the team; the previous champion was already a long time ago. However, the fans were not able to forgive the team for this, as the previous year they lost the final fight against Napoli, which was the main rival of Juventus in Serie A.
However, the current Juventus is not as strong as the team from the previous time. In addition, the previous Juventus was not as successful, so it was not easy for the fans to forgive them.
Moreover, the club has changed the coach, and so far the results are not so good. However the fans still have high hopes for the new coach, as he is able to bring the team to the first position of the championship.
Napoli is the team that is not so popular among the fans. However it is a real contender for victory in Serie a. The club has a good lineup, and if the coach does not make mistakes, the lineup of the club will be able to fight for victory.
Follow the latest Serie A news on the sports statistics website, which provides information about all the confrontations. Here, the information about each match is updated live, and you can find out the results in a few seconds.
Current position of Atletico Madrid in La Liga table
The Spanish championship is also in full flow, and Atletico is one the main contenders for the victory in the next year. The current season has already been very successful for Diego Simeone’s team, and now they are in the leading position of La Liga.
It is not easy to win the title in Spain, and for this reason, the Atletico fans are very excited. The players are in excellent shape, and their fans are ready to give them a great result.
Diego Simeones’s team has a very good lineup. The coach has managed to strengthen the team in each of the positions, which allows him to make a good choice for each match.
You can follow their results on our website, as there are hundreds of matches that are held during the season. The information is available in the live mode, so you will not miss anything important.
La Liga table at the website
The fans of the Spanish championship are very interested in the La Liga, and that is why they are ready for any result. The table of the current position is very interesting, as many teams are in a fight for a place in the top-4.
Among the main competitors of Atletos are: Real Madrid; Barcelona; Valencia; ​​Real Sociedad. The first two teams are the main rivals of the “blue-and-crimson”, and in the last season they lost in the decisive match. However they are not in a bad shape, as their lineup is very good.

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