Chelsea FC has signed Ross Barkley, £15 millions

Chelsea FC has signed Ross Barkley, £15 millions, from Everton. The England international is a talented player, who has already managed to score a lot of goals.
The club has already signed the following players:
* Eden Hazard;
* Sadio Mane;
* Willian;
* Anthony Martial;

The team will play with the following lineup:
1. EPL fixtures.
2. Premier League fixtures.
3. EFL fixtures. The team will face the following teams:
a. Manchester City;
b. Chelsea;
c. Arsenal;
d. Liverpool;
e. Tottenham.
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Prospects of the new season of the Champions league
The new season in the Champions is very interesting. The main competitors of the current season are:
● Real Madrid;
● Manchester City; and
● Liverpool.
This season, the teams have a lot to prove. The Champions League is the most important tournament of the Old Continent. The current season promises to be a real test for the teams.
In the current campaign, the main competitors are:
● Real Madrid, which has a very good lineup and a great teamwork; “Manchester City”, which won the Premier League and the Champions Cup; Liverpool, which was the main contender for the title of the strongest team in Europe.
However, the most interesting part of the season is yet to come.
Will the current team of “Real” be able not to repeat its success?

Main competitors of ‘Real’
The main competitors in the current championship are: “Barcelona” and “letico”. “Barca” was the best team in the previous season. However, the team lost to “Atletico’ in the final.
“Real Madrid” is the main favorite of the tournament. The club has a great lineup and is able to win the tournament with a single goal.
If “Madrid” wins the Champions, it will be the second time in a row that the club has won the tournament and the second consecutive time.
What are the chances of ”Barcelona “to win the title?
The Catalans have a good lineup. However they have a problem with the teamwork. The fans of the club expect a lot from the team. The players have to work well together to achieve the desired result.
Moreover, the club is not at the top of the standings. It has a number of problems, which are not yet solved. The following factors are the main reasons for the failure of the Catalans in the recent season:
‘Inconsistency’ of the coach;
’Inability to find the right lineup for the team;
Lack of motivation of the players;
Inability of the leaders to perform at their best.
These problems are the reason for the defeat in the championship.

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