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The Spurs have been in the Champions League for a long time and are a real contender for the title. However, the club has a number of problems that will not allow it to win the coveted trophy.
The main problem of the Spurs is the lack of motivation. The club has not won the Champions Cup for a year. The main striker of the team, Kane, is injured.

The team has a lot of problems. The most important of them is the following:
1. Lack of motivation: the team has not managed to win any trophies in the last year.
2. Lackadaisical transfers: the club bought only a few players from the Premier League, which has not brought any results.
3. Lack in the depth of the squad: the Spurs have a number players who are over 30 years old.
4. Lacklustre performance of the leaders: Kane, Kane’s partners, and many other players are not performing well.
It is obvious that the team will not win the Champions league.
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The Tottenham team has recently been in a crisis. The team has been in such a bad shape for a number years that even the fans have stopped watching the matches of the club.
However, the fans are not the only ones who are unhappy with the team. The Spurs have not won any trophies for a while now. The fans and the club are not happy with the results of the players.
In the last season, the team did not win any trophy. The players were not able to win a single trophy. This is the main problem that the Spurs team has.
After the failure of the previous season, many fans and experts believed that the club would be able to get into the Champions’ League. However the club failed in the first round.
If the team fails to win trophies, then the fans will not be able even to watch the matches. The situation in the club is not very good.
Will the Spurs be able not to win cups in the next season?
The current season has already shown that the Tottenham team is not able not only to win, but to do it in a good way. The Tottenham team was in a bad way for a very long time.
Many fans and analysts thought that the situation with the club was not good. However it turned out that the fans were not the main losers of the situation.
One of the main reasons for the failure in the current season was the lackadaisiness of the transfers. The previous season the Spurs had a number transfers, but they were not successful.
This time, the Spurs managed to buy a number new players, but the transfers were not as successful as in the previous one.
Another reason for the Spurs failure was the poor performance of many players. The leaders of the Tottenham were not performing very well. This led to the fact that the players were unable to achieve the desired results. The failure of many leaders was obvious.
Fans have been waiting for a new season for a few years now. However there has not been any news about the team’ progress.
What can be expected from the Spurs in the future?
Fans are not very optimistic about the future of the current Tottenham team. Many experts and fans believe that the current situation with this team will be repeated in the near future.
There are many reasons for this. First of all, the lack in motivation of the fans. Secondly, the players are over-worked. The last season was not successful for the club, because the team had a lot problems with the transfers and the players did not perform well. The lack of a good selection of players in the team led to a failure in many matches.
As a result, the Tottenham finished in the middle of the standings. This was a bad result for the team and for the fans who were looking forward to the Champions’ League.
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The fans and many experts believe that this season will be the last for the Tottenham. The current situation is not good for the players, the management and the fans of the football club. The latest news on Tottenham is regularly updated on the site of sports analytics.
At this website, you can always find the information about the latest transfers and other news from around the world. Here you will also find the results from the matches that are held in the Premier league. The site of analytics is very popular among fans and professionals.
Most interesting Tottenham transfers for the future
The new season of the Premier-league has started. Many fans and football experts are expecting a lot from the teams. The teams are expected to do a lot to win gold medals.
Among the most interesting transfers that the teams can make in the new season, we should pay attention to the following ones:
* signing of a number from the Championship;
* buying of a goalkeeper;
* signing of an attacking midfielder.
These transfers will be very useful for the teams, because they will allow the teams to strengthen their positions.
Now, it is much easier to follow the news from all around the football world.

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